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What’s this handbook about:

We are especially excited to write a book that is easy to read and provide valuable knowledge to people who want to know about the healthcare industry. 

The Book “Patient Better”- Save Time at the Doctor’s Office., is referred to as a health navigation tool.  Walking you through the medical office and health record to better understand your role in healthcare.. Patient Better shows you how to put your health information together, that way you can rest assure that you will have the most accurate complete history of your health.

Subjects Discussed:

  • Finances
  •  Appointment preparation 
  • Self-Managing a Personal Health Record
  • Chronic care management


  • 5 segments of care discussion chronologically & categorically organized.
  • Co-organize management of another’s care (e.g. Parent, Child/Co-care management) 
  • All-In-One health reference source


A better understanding of health

  • Proper documentation
  • Ability to better check your blind spots
  • Fewer office visits
  • Less time in the clinic
  • Enhanced quality of life

In today’s world, technology offers a complete guide to organizing your care online. Often, behind the scenes workers will put in information for you.  The problem still lies in the fact that it doesn’t help you, my reader, understand care better. The second issue is that if you do co-care your healthcare documentation with a doctor this solution may be fallible. In cases of moving, changing jobs (insurance plans), or your healthcare professional retires are examples of real-world situations that will limit your ability to track your care. 

The Patient Better system (Book & Website) is a place for you to organize long-term health care. Whether it is yours or your child, or loved one, such as a grandparent, the Patient Better system will be with you and act as a helpful tool for generations.


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