It’s more valuable than you may think…
In today’s medical world the typical doctor’s office has every note-taking system that you will ever need. These notes are detailed, qualified, and may be universal if their records are part of a large system, however, they are lacking one thing; your perspective.
Let’s use the example of an Oncologist. Let’s say that you just got diagnosed with cancer. You have been a relatively healthy person all your life and didn’t put a lot of thought into what it takes to take care of a health condition. During your initial office visit, your doctor will tell you to “take notes” throughout your diagnosis. However, those notes get put on the back burner as there is much more to learn, behaviors need to be created, and emotions need to be comforted during this time of uncertainty. Indeed, if these notes were documented, they may be too difficult to reread and pick apart by others or even yourself after some time. Your notes are in jeopardy to be taken in vain.
Patient Better is an already formatted tool for people to use to take medical notes. Follow the Patient Better System, and you will create the necessary tracking tools to help communicate with your healthcare professionals. Ultimately, and if created properly, these notes from your perspective with Patient Better’s universal templates will help the healthcare community tremendously. Furthermore, you’ll have something to share with your family which may end up being the most valuable leave behind that you could ever gift