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Getting Acquainted with Healthcare

This patient-centered care chapter discusses the overall structure of our healthcare system, provides a bird’s eye view for navigating throughout the industry and enhances your communication skills with healthcare professionals.

By the end of this chapter, you should be able to

  • Analyze the layout of the medical practice
  • Identify the role of each service provider within the medical clinic
  • Become acquainted with and more comfortable navigating throughout the healthcare clinic and how it links to the system
  • Understand the importance of healthcare literacy and how communication directly affects your care, and what you can do to improve your choices
  • Getting Acquainted with Health Care


Good Day Health Advocates! My name is Prof. Woodruff and I am your instructor for this course. I am also the founder of the Patient Better program and it is my mission to help all those who want to learn how to become more informed about their healthcare. I have been working in the healthcare industry for 20+ years and hold a Master's in Healthcare Administration and I am an expert in patient education. I created this academy for visual learners in hopes to further extend Patient Better's reach to those in need of an easier health journey.