Capabilities Statement

Patient Better LLC

Patient Better: A medical managing program for veterans and caregivers to self-manage care

Patient Better LLC is a standard form of healthcare administration education for  veterans and their informal caregivers to learn how to self-manage care The first definitive training program of its kind that summarizes the administrative duties that co-exist with condition management. Patient Better’s documentation system expands the VA’s ability to retrieve medical records from outside resources.

Solves the ongoing problem of continued data loss of valuable patient day-to-day related health information. Patient Better provides people with a comprehensive tool for proper data capturing to share with healthcare professionals. Patient Better’s program generates a data capture pathway for the VA hospital to obtain a snapshot of all completed medical care.

Core Competencies

The Patient Better program assists rural veterans to understand their responsibilities when receiving care from non-VA hospitals, expand the number of options veterans have for accepting care from outside resources, enhance the caregiver’s ability to perform at-home care, as well as, organize and manage outside health records and bring documentation back to the primary VA.


    • Supplies a standard education of the administrative duties that co-exist with complex condition management.
    • Provides a capturing system that seizes extremely vital outside care information that stands the greatest probability of getting lost.
    • Takes the traditional patient-centered education delivery method and incorporates relationship-centered care model and distributed through meaningful learning to better enhance caregiver participation.
    • Extremely user-friendly allowing for a broader range of acceptance, adaptation, and compliance for lay persons to manage care.
    • Focuses on four principal administrative duties of patient and caregiver responsibilities: 1) Enhance treatment participation 2) Maximize medical utilization 3) Improve risk management and 4) Effectively manage care records.


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*  Informal caregivers are family members and friends that have no formal health training and are not paid and involved in the patient’s daily health and well-being.

* Meaningful Learning (ML): Refers to the concept that previously learned knowledge is fully understood by the individual and that the individual knows how that specific information relates to already stored data and is applied to the newly learned material. For understanding this concept, it is good to contrast meaningful learning with the much less desirable, rote learning.

Corporate Headquarters

600 2nd Street
Sealy, Texas 77474-2229
Toll-Free 1- (866) 933-2473

DUNS: 098123533
CAGE: 86U81


624190 – Community
Health Education

423450, 511210, 561499, 611420, 611710, 621999, 711510


Q999, Q701, Q702, Q802, AN46


BSM: Zoho One

Barcode: GS1
INS Carrier: The Hartford 2M/4M


State of Texas – HUB

All Major Credit Cards Accepted

Jennifer Woodruff, MHA – President

Direct: (281) 900-8662.