Patient Better: The Complete Personal Medical Self-Managing Program™

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Recommended for new users. This starter system has everything that you and your caregivers need to properly manage care.  Professionally designed Patient Better System and full access to the complete Patient Better Academy.

  • According to the experts, it takes 2.37 hours to complete this program, with this small time investment you will receive invaluable healthcare management skills to last a lifetime!
  • Everything that you need to start self-managing care records today- Including 12-month free Patient Better Academy access to all online classrooms (video tutorials, quizzes and certificates of completion) and Patient Better: A Comprehensive Guide to Self-Health Management handbook
  • An educational program to collect, organize, and understand medical documents that co-exist with health conditions in a customized portable HIPAA compliant 13-pocket (poly) expanding file folder
  • A complete educational program to self-manage healthcare documentation that co-exists with complex conditions
  • A complete recording system for all at-home caregivers (friends, family, or parents that co-share medical care) to collaborate schedules
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Dimensions 14 × 10 × 1.75 in