The Patient Perspective Self-Identification Tool also known as the “SIPP Tool” serves as the patient’s financial blueprint for condition management. Patients utilize this resource to provide better direction in choosing the best treatment plan and to meet financial goals. The SIPP Tool is designed to communicate your economic position with your diagnosing office. The SIPP Tool aids in the self-identification and financial philosophies for you and your doctor to create a realistic, obtainable, plan of treatment.

The purpose of this worksheet is to provide preliminary financial guidance for you and your contributors to align your financial standing and your ability to pay for care. The SIPP Tool is used to communicate your analyses (of the financial match) with healthcare professionals. This template allows for quick treatment room decision-making, better money management, and ability to better coordinate your bank account with treatment costs.

Please note that if your financial management is not thoroughly planned, your chosen plan may leave you and your family at greater risk to run out of funds half-way through treatment and ultimately a) slowing down recovery and b) become more costly than expected. This worksheet is designed to avoid this from occurring.


  • Use the SIPP tool for every health occurrence, as your finances change (and the cost of treatment) change throughout time. Base your SIPP decision on the purpose and urgency of the treatment (elective, corrective, exploratory etc.).

  • Use the SIPP Tool with The Treatment Plan Calculator with each diagnosed condition.

  • Share this tool with every diagnosing office. Even if the practice does not utilize Patient Better’s program, you can still utilize this template to summarize your financial position with providers as a snapshot of your financial health without having to go into too much detail of your economic outlook.

The SIPP Tool