Patient Better’s Contributor Cover Page acts as the front page of your health manager and its task is to unify, qualify, and document each at-home caregiver. This template helps patients, family-members, and informal caregivers to band together and delegate tasks as a team, establish care delivery expectations, and communicate the hierarchy of at-home caregiving responsibilities. This worksheet categorizes each at-home participant into two groups (primary and secondary caregivers) and then documents them as a contributor on the care team. Utilize the Contributor Cover Page for your reference as well as provide a snapshot to healthcare professionals in need of the patient’s entire at-home care team.


The purpose of this worksheet is to help families establish at-home caregiving teams more quickly and easily. The Patient Better Contributor Cover Page is the first qualifier to designate participants and alleviates the confusion of organizing caregiving teams under stress.


  • The clearinghouse is responsible for overseeing and updating the Contributor Cover Page.

  • Utilize the Contributor Cover Page to “unearth” additional contributors that are not regular participants (i.e., If there is a scheduling conflict or in need of back-up support).

  • Be sure to include the date on each Contributor Cover Page and revised as often as needed.

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