The Health Communication Video | Health Management Made Easy | Patient Better

The Health Communication Video | Health Management Made Easy | Patient Better

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In this video, I discuss the importance of healthcare communication in a professional environment as well as the impact it has on everyday people’s choices. This tutorial emphasizes the focus on the dissemination, and the transmission of the information exchanged between the patient and the clinician that will positively influence your personal health decisions and how health communication is a key component to further improve health literacy. In this lesson, we will classify obstacles and barriers and remove the ones that distract you from having a productive office visit.

What will we achieve by defining health communication?

1. Know the best communication practices in a professional environment to prevent and safeguard ourselves against errors.

2. Remove barriers that may prevent an activity-driven appointment to have a productive office visit.

3. Learn the fundamentals of health management communication, like our definitions and vocabulary, health literacy, and the difference between medical jargon and terminology and how it affects our appointment preparation.

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