“Too Bad I Didn’t Have This Before …”

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Those seven words have been repeated to me so many times. And I never have the nerve to muster up the answer “Trust me, you need one now!”. Because every time I hear that answer, I know that people say this to me because they are associating my offering and relating it to a previous obstacle that this medical managing system could have solved. And my mind races with questions like: What’s your back up plan if something happens to you? Who will take care of you? Will you need home care, or do you have children that live nearby; or possibly a good neighbor?

You see, when I product pitch to you, I’m not telling you to tell the next guy, I’m telling you this because I want you to know how to organize your care- right now. What I mean by “right now” is that I want you to purchase my Personal Medical Managing System, and I want you to invest in the 2 little hours it takes to complete the Academy, collect and arrange all of your medical records and put them into your Self-Health Manager (and create a Self-Health Manager for everyone in your entire household- even your young children). After 120 minutes, I want you to have your Self-Health Manager ready to go to your next doctor’s appointment. Then, I want you to store the Self-Health Manager in a safe place and keep the Program within reach and tell the person closest to you where you keep your Self-Health Manager and show them how to access your Patient Better Program so that they will know what to do if something happens to you…

If you invest in my product, I need you to work my system.


Jennifer Woodruff – President of Patient Better LLC