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How Do I…

Get Started

Start the Patient Better System?
Organize the Organizer?

How Do I… 

Level One: Fill out Templates

Fill out the Doctor’s Appointment form (Front)?
Fill out the Doctor’s Appointment form (Back)?

Fill out the Medication form?
Fill out the Surgical form?
Fill out the Durable Medical Equipment form?
Fill out the Chronic Condition form?
Fill out the calendar?
Fill out the Emergency form?

How Do I…  

Level Two: Conceptualizing

Reverse a denied claim?
Save on medical Costs?
Understand Medical codes?
Properly research for medical information?
Figure out which patient type that I am? 
Navigate through my medical office better?

How Do I…  

Extend Patient Better Uses

Create a Patient Better with my siblings?
Create Patient Better for my children?


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