We make taking personal medical notes easy!

Mission Statement

To help people bring the right information to doctor’s offices by providing a simple and inexpensive personal medical note-taking system.


Provide a tool that will unite the communication gap between healthcare professionals and patients and put the industry and community all on the same page.


Here’s how it works:

    1. Read Patient Better (The User Guide)
    2. Create a Patient Better Organizer 
    3. Watch the Videos and learning modules

The Patient Better Difference!

  • Patient Better helps you prepare for your office visit and makes the most out of your appointment.  
  • Patient Better comes with you in the treatment room thus reducing the potential to lose valuable information that your healthcare provider shared with you during your visit.
  • Patient Better is completed by you, at the time of the occurrence, lessening the chances of inaccuracies. 

Patient Better’s  System is different because here is where YOU learn about healthcare and you keep track of you and your family’s health. Patient Better brings your health close and in your reach at all times. Thus, preventing distracting obstacles of possible internet access/loss, wait for complex uploads or another step closer to forgetting for or relying on someone to update your healthcare.