Do you need better patienting skills?

What is the Patient Better program?

Patient Better is an educational program that teaches people how to manage medical records. A newly formed life-skill that is applied to oversee care more independently and make more informed medical decisions.

Learn meaningful record management education

Become more proficient within the healthcare industry, learn an easier way to access medical records, reduce unforeseen medical costs and emergency room visits as well as obtain a higher quality of informative medical visits.

Apply newly developed life-skills to all things medical related

Enhance participation in treatment to have fewer complications. Maximize medical utilization to reduce unnecessary phone calls and office visits. Improve risk management to have a realistic calculation of services.

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"Patient Better has been instrumental in helping me navigate through the healthcare system throughout my recent diagnosis."
Mandy G. young woman with hat
Mandy G.
Houston, Texas
“Patient Better has helped my family come together as a team, right from the start of mom’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis.”
Richard W. older man outdoors
Richard W.
Royce City, Texas
“I started learning the Patient Better program during COVID as a measure to take care of my condition more thoroughly while having to stay away from the clinic.”
Linda K. Mature older woman casual
Linda K.
Nashville, Tennessee
“I was introduced to Patient Better by my physician. Since then, I have not had one unnecessary office visit or phone call.”
Lacy S. Young woman casual
Lacy S.
Hubertus, Wisconsin
“My doctor recommended Patient Better when I told her I was moving out of state. Patient Better showed me how to transfer my medical record to my new care team with ease and get them up to speed quickly.”
John A. businessman
John A.
Washington DC
“Ever since my doctor prescribed Patient Better I've been keeping better records of my daily blood pressure and sugar readings, and it helps me stay on top of good numbers.”
Ed W. business casual man
Ed W.
Cabot, Arkansas
“I like the way the Patient Better program helps me get ready for my next visit with my doctor I am ready to discuss my daily blood sugar and blood pressure and it helps me to remember to ask important questions about medication prescribed.”
Marlene B. confident young black woman happy
Marlene B.
Miami, Florida
“I like how Patient Better’s Academy touches on so many points about the health system including showing me how to identify unnecessary or duplicate charges on my statement and how to dispute a charge if needed.”
Melinda R. older latina with computer
Melinda R.
Corpus Christie, Texas
“Since applying Patient Better into my healthcare routine, my doctor has seen that I have become very proactive in my healthcare.”
Charlie Z. young man on stairs outside
Charlie Z.
Carlsbad, New Mexico

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