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Welcome to Patient Better!

This website used as an extension of the remarkable little handbook; Patient Better!


In recent years, the healthcare industry has become quite complex. The introduction of the electronic health record (EHR), online health information, and government intervention has drastically changed the face of the medical practice. More than ever, healthcare professionals are relying on you to keep good track of your care. Patient Better supplies the knowledge necessary to be the best patient that you can. There is nothing like the feeling of respect and a pat on the back for a job well done from your doctor. 

               Patient Better is a book that helps people see around corners regarding the current health market.  Patient Better helps people identify what matters when addressing concerns about health. Patient Better is written as means for people as a simple and inexpensive tool to understand the healthcare system. This book reiterates what was talked about in the treatment room and what people can do to receive better care.  Patient Better contributes to a higher standard of care and easier office visits.

Patient Better wants to make your life easier!

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