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What is the Patient Better program?

Patient Better is an innovative educational program designed to empower individuals to become expert health advocates. This new life-skill equips participants with the knowledge and tools to make informed medical decisions and communicate their care needs with greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Learn meaningful health advocacy education

Become more proficient within the healthcare industry, learn an easier way to access medical records, reduce unforeseen medical costs and emergency room visits as well as obtain a higher quality of informative medical visits.

Apply newly developed life-skills to all things medical related

Discover how to apply essential life-skills to all aspects of healthcare. Boost treatment participation for fewer complications, optimize medical utilization to minimize unnecessary phone calls and office visits, and enhance risk management for a realistic approach to healthcare services.

Now, more than ever, your health is in your hands: Only you have the power to shape the future of your own personal care.

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Why Patient Better?

We are the industry leader in health advocacy education, setting the standard with a research-backed, patient-centered curriculum that’s designed for real-world application. In an era where experienced healthcare guidance is increasingly scarce, Patient Better stands as a beacon, equipping you with the ability to manage care with expertise, make informed decisions, and advocate for the best possible care for yourself and your loved ones.

How to Future-Proof Your Healthcare: Get Leading Education in an Evolving Medical Landscape

In the face of a shifting healthcare landscape, marked by a mass exodus of health professionals and an industry in realignment, the necessity for individuals to take an active role in managing their healthcare has never been more critical. Patient Better addresses this gap head-on, offering a comprehensive educational program designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently manage care in today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare environment.

With the diminishment of experienced and seasoned professionals in the field, our mission is to step into the breach, providing you with the tools to ensure your healthcare remains uninterrupted and of the highest quality. Through our research-backed curriculum and patient-centered approach, we are committed to transforming you into a Certified Patient Better Health Advocate, ready to navigate the evolving medical terrain with expertise and foresight.

Why Choose Patient Better?

  • Credibility: As a 509(a)(1) public health education charity, we offer a program that is as qualified as it is impactful, recognized for our dedication to quality health advocacy education.
  • Innovation: Our independent curriculum is meticulously designed to adapt to the health industry’s changes, providing education that is effective in any circumstance or crisis.
  • Comprehensiveness: From patient-centered care to meaningful learning experiences, our four core drivers ensure you receive an education that sets you apart in the realm of health advocacy.

By mastering our 20 essential health activities, you’ll attain competencies that bring forth substantial benefits, enhancing your ability to manage healthcare proactively and effectively. As a Certified Patient Better Health Advocate, you will be at the forefront of patient care, ready to face the future with confidence and resilience.

Embark on your transformative journey with Patient Better today and become a beacon of assurance in a changing healthcare world.

How do you rate your health advocacy skills?

Research shows that the majority of patients believe that they are "good" patients. Take The Healthcare Proficiecy Challenge and find out how you really score and start turning your health knowledge into care ingenuity.

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"Patient Better has been instrumental in helping me navigate through the healthcare system throughout my recent diagnosis."
Testimonial for Patient Better
Mandy G.
Houston, Texas
“Patient Better has helped my family come together as a team, right from the start of mom’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis.”
Testimonial for Patient Better
Richard W.
Royce City, Texas
“I started learning the Patient Better program during COVID as a measure to take care of my condition more thoroughly while having to stay away from the clinic.”
Testimonial for Patient Better
Linda K.
Nashville, Tennessee
“I was introduced to Patient Better by my physician. Since then, I have not had one unnecessary office visit or phone call.”
Testimonial for Patient Better
Lacy S.
Hubertus, Wisconsin
“My doctor recommended Patient Better when I told her I was moving out of state. Patient Better showed me how to transfer my medical record to my new care team with ease and get them up to speed quickly.”
Testimonial for Patient Better
John A.
Washington DC
“Ever since my doctor prescribed Patient Better I've been keeping better records of my daily blood pressure and sugar readings, and it helps me stay on top of good numbers.”
Testimonial for Patient Better
Ed W.
Cabot, Arkansas
“I like the way the Patient Better program helps me get ready for my next visit with my doctor I am ready to discuss my daily blood sugar and blood pressure and it helps me to remember to ask important questions about medication prescribed.”
Testimonial for Patient Better
Marlene B.
Miami, Florida
“I like how Patient Better’s Academy touches on so many points about the health system including showing me how to identify unnecessary or duplicate charges on my statement and how to dispute a charge if needed.”
Testimonial for Patient Better
Melinda R.
Corpus Christie, Texas
“Since applying Patient Better into my healthcare routine, my doctor has seen that I have become very proactive in my healthcare.”
Testimonial for Patient Better
Charlie Z.
Carlsbad, New Mexico
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