A Strategic Health Management Program to Self-Manage Care in Our New Post-Pandemic Era

This article discusses the eight simple rules of a strategic health management program that will effectively position you to become a better patient. If you take these instructions to heart, you will see dramatic results in sharpening your advocacy skills. Patient Better’s strategic health management program is unique as it is an in-depth discussion of the administration duties that co-exist with self-managing care and the professional condition treatment.

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All-Inclusive Principles the Experts Want You to Know in Our Post-Pandemic Era | Self-Managing Care Essentials

All-inclusive health management essential tools for everyday people to apply to independent home care regimen.

Knowledge Center

New to self-health management? Apply this information to your daily medical routine and take the fast-track to become an expert health advocate – STAT!

Medicine Cabinet

Daily living ideas to assist you in independent living


Pill Organizing

Pill Organizers

Explore pill dispensers

door bell


Explore video doorbells

caregiver cleaning senior


Explore Medical Alerts

assistance belts

Assistance Belts

Assistance and positioning belts



Reachers, grip aids & grabbers


virtual home

Digital Preparedness

Get home-ready for virtual visits

senior disabled bathroom, patient better


Grips, handles, holders & turners



Gadgets, guards, utensils, openers

living room senior and caregiver

Living room

Creature comfort & mobility aids

Bedroom senior and caregiver


Sleep aids & noise cancelling devices

Personal Care

arthritis care caregiver patient better


Dexterity, motion, and comfort

young woman showing senior memory loss patient better


Mental health, function & alert

senior and caregiver bedroom fitness


Strength, & balancing aids

senior caregiver visual aids patient better

Vision & Hearing

Communication & awareness

senior and caregiver outside patient better


Maintain social & independence

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