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Give yourself the education you need to thrive in todays medical landscape.


The Patient Better Academy is an educational program dedicated to helping people navigate through the US healthcare system more efficiently and effectively.

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Who is the Patient Better Academy for?

The Patient Better Academy is for people who need a program to help them learn how to oversee their medical care, quickly. Patient Better works best for patients (and caregivers) with common to complex, mild to advanced, psychological and physical conditions that need better healthcare governing skills.

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Learning Path

In this course, you will learn how clinics are designed to give you the ability to maintain, get treatment, or recover from illness or injury more easily. This course details point-of-care service providers, what they do, the clinics they work in, and the overall structure of the healthcare system so that you can become a more active member in your treatment. After completing this course, you would have already taken the initial steps to advance your health communication and literacy skills to govern your healthcare more efficiently and effectively.

Course Takeaways

  • Ability to quickly analyze the healthcare professionals’ roles and the clinic’s layout.
  • Become acquainted with and more comfortable navigating the healthcare system.
  • Obtain fundamental health literacy and proficiency knowledge to have a clarified understanding of how it directly affects your healthcare.
  • Learn essential communication skills to better protect your healthcare from oversights and errors.

4 Micro-lessons  | 4 Quizzes | 30 Min to complete

This course focuses on the ancillary support services and products that work in conjunction with your provider’s point-of-care treatment. After completing this course, you will have an in-depth understanding of how ancillary care is a cost-effective solution that plays an intricate role in maintaining, treating, or recovering from illness or injury.

Course Takeaways

  • Be able to classify ancillary care services and products.
  • Recognize the usefulness of outside care resources and manage them more easily.
  • Move through the ancillary care’s wheelhouse more efficiently and effectively.

4 Micro-lessons  | 4 Quizzes | 45 Min to complete

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of time and money to improve your healthcare finance knowledge. Through seven micro-lessons, Patient Better walks you through the essential concepts, practices, and processes that will help you govern your healthcare finances more efficiently and effectively.  With the support of tools and templates, you will learn how to look inside yourself to better understand your financial perspective and communicate your outlook to pertinent health professionals quickly.  After completing this course,  you will know how healthcare finances work, understand payers and plans more thoroughly, as well as conduct non-standard research properly.

Course Takeaways

  • Have a better understanding of medical costs, payers, practices, and processes.
  • How to collect meaningful health information to increase your claim approvals.
  • Be able to identify, evaluate, and document pertinent health information more easily.

7 Micro-lessons  | 7 Quizzes | 90 Min to complete

This course depicts how people’s relationships with clinicians affect care experiences. In this course, Patient Better details health appointments so that students will have a more sophisticated understanding of what they can do to be a more active member on their healthcare team. Indeed, there are many more complexities to being a patient today than it was ten years ago and providers need you to position yourself as an equally informed participant. After completing this course, you will have learned what you can do to help ease system strains and how your health record can be communicated to various health professionals who use either digital or paper charts.

Course Takeaways

  • Position yourself as an equal partner in health management.
  • Enhanced paper and digital record collaboration knowledge.
  • Have a more qualified partnership with health professionals from the first moment of interaction.

4 Micro-lessons  | 4 Quizzes | 45 Min to complete

Statistics show that nearly 80% of the health information that patients receive in the treatment room will be lost once they leave the office. In this course, you will learn how to organize, communicate, and document at-home care delivery to point-of-care service providers to help you better protect yourself from oversights and errors. In this high-level course, you will learn the ins and outs of health document management that will catapult your capability to interpret, plan, execute, and record sophisticated at-home care delivery to providers. After completing this course, you will have the knowledge to manage care delivery for complex conditions and/or multiple diagnoses.

Course Takeaways

  • How to fill out Patient Better SOAP Note and Treatment Plan Calculator templates.
  • How to coordinate documents suitable for a professional review.
  • How to document and assist your provider in executing more sophisticated treatment.

3 Micro-lessons  | 3 Quizzes | 45 Min to complete

In this course, you will learn how to organize your health manager. This specialized training is a collaboration of all of the previous courses to reap the reward of governing care. After you complete this course, you will have the knowledge to thrive in today’s medical landscape and take your health managing skills to the next level.

Course Takeaways

  • Organize and govern your medical records.
  • Be a better communicator and information liaison to health professionals.
  • Have a better understanding of your own health needs.
  • Have a compilation of documentation right at your fingertips and a co-traveling companion of health information wherever you go.

1 Micro-lesson  | 1 Quiz | 45 Min to complete

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