User Guide Courses

Here are the courses that apply to the Patient Better User Guide. All the tools that you will need to be successful at personal medical note-taking (PMNT)

1 Getting Acquainted with Health Care  (Lessons Overview) 

1.1 Our Health Care System- The Basic

1.2 Those Who Work in Health Care                   

1.3 Developing Health Rapport

1.4 Health Care Literacy                           

2. A Closer Look into Health Care System  (Lessons Overview)   

  2.1 Ancillary Care                                   

  2.2 Home Health                                     

  2.3 Medications                                       

  2.4 Durable Medical Equipment                

3. Health Care Finance (Lessons Overview)                           

  3.1 Health Care Costs Have Little to Do with Actual Costs                               

  3.2 Billing, Coding, Healthcare Professionals & Payers                       

3.3 Outcomes Part 1 of 2                           

3.4 Commercial Insurance                        

3.5 Medicare The Federal Insurer             

3.6 Chronic Conditions & The Great American Payout

3.7 Research Smart                                   

4 Relationship Building  (Lessons Overview)                       

4.1 Doctor’s Recommendations

4.2 Waiting Room Etiquette                 

4.3 The Secret to Patient Better              

5 Self-Management (Lessons Overview)                                  

5.1 Note Taking in Patient Better ©        

  5.2 Preparing for Your Appointment      

5.3 Treatment Planning                           

5.4 Following-Up

5.5 Outcomes Part Two of Two