What is Patient Better?

Patient Better is an educational program for people to learn how to self-manage care. We specialize in helping patients and their informal caregivers to collaborate participation as an at-home care team, enhance communication with health professionals, and organize a personal medical management tool.

Our program teaches everyday people through meaningful learning, which is a concept where previously learned information is applied and connected to new information. Because our students come from such diverse backgrounds, we begin our training at the grassroots of this industry by defining healthcare administration principles.

Participate in Treatment – Have fewer complications, lessen emergency room visits, prepare for an information-driven medical appointment, and reduce unforeseen costs.

Medical Utilization – Prepare for medical appointments, reduce unnecessary phone calls and office visits, and effectively take advantage of offered services, treatments, and resources.

Risk Management – Have a realistic calculation of services needed for proper treatment and recovery to make more informed decisions.

Manage Care Records – Become an efficient liaison in the transfer of information from one doctor’s office to the next.


The Patient Better Academy offers a full classroom experience with supporting course work. This online learning center includes 8th grade level tutorials, videos, presentations, and quizzes which enable people to become proficient within the current healthcare arena.


Patient Better: A Comprehensive Guide to Self-Health Management is an instructional piece written for people to understand today’s technology-based healthcare world. According to the experts it takes 2.37 hours to read it to it’s entirety and an essential guide for patients in need of a management tool to enhance their ability to navigate throughout the healthcare industry.

Patient “soft spots” addressed:

    • Learn essential healthcare finance management

      • How to reverse a claim denial previously approved

      • Healthcare payer, medical practice and coding correlation

      • Common financial statements

    • Read and interpret standard medical notes

    • Learn the fundamentals of treatment planning

    • Understand the purpose and importance of Healthcare Outcomes

    • Conduct health care research and understand how to approach and discuss findings with practitioners

    • Create a personal medical record storage system

    • Enhance informal caregivers’ capabilities and participation


The Patient Better Workbook:  Self Manage Your Way to Better Care is a collection of our most popular worksheets, which assist lay persons in developing their analytical skills within the world of medicine and develop additional abilities to perform higher-level administrative tasks that are part of personal healthcare management. Today, individuals with complex medical conditions (and the folks who care for them) are often required to perform sophisticated in-home medical care. With that being said, it’s more critical than ever that these tasks are properly recorded. Patient Better assists patients and their caregivers, parents, and guardians in keeping a good document trail and collaborating in care through user-friendly communication tools.


* Informal caregivers are the friends, family, and others in the patient’s social circle who have no formal training and are not compensated for assisting with care

* Meaningful Learning (ML): Refers to the concept that previously learned knowledge is fully understood by the individual and that the individual knows how that specific information relates to other stored data and is applied to the newly learned material. For understanding this concept, it is good to contrast meaningful learning with the much less desirable, rote learning.