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Caseload Interaction News – In today’s medical landscape, healthcare providers face the uphill battle of delivering quality care within a limited timeframe. Regulations and administrative tasks often consume a significant portion of appointment time, leaving providers and patients frustrated. Enter Patient Better, a health advocacy program designed to optimize your practice, elevate patient care, and alleviate your administrative burden.

The Current State of Caseload Interactions

Meet Dr. Smith, a dedicated physician overwhelmed by paperwork, regulations, and the constant pressure to see more patients in less time. Like many healthcare providers, Dr. Smith finds that nearly 80% of his appointment time is spent on discovery—collecting patient history, symptoms, and complaints, leaving only 20% for actual treatment. This imbalance not only affects the quality of patient care but also impacts revenue.

The 80/20 Ratio Explained

The 80/20 ratio is more than just a number; it’s a representation of inefficiency in the healthcare system. Providers like Dr. Smith find themselves spending less time on billable, treatment-focused activities, which affects both their bottom line and the well-being of their patients.

Introducing Patient Better

Patient Better is not just another program; it’s a comprehensive solution for health advocacy that trains patients to be active participants in their healthcare journey. It prepares them to come to appointments with a clear understanding of their chief complaints, answers to routine questions, and any necessary documentation, reducing discovery time.

How Patient Better Addresses the Problem

By empowering patients to come prepared, Patient Better helps shift the 80/20 ratio in favor of more treatment time. Imagine if Dr. Smith could transform that 80/20 ratio to a more balanced 50/50. The impact on patient outcomes and practice revenue would be substantial. And the good news is, it’s already happening in practices that have implemented Patient Better.

Minimal Effort Required from Providers

The beauty of Patient Better lies in its simplicity for providers. Once you offer this solution to your patients, we take care of the rest—from education to the tools required for effective health advocacy. Just like Dr. Smith, you can focus more on treatment and less on administrative tasks.

How to Get Started

Implementing Patient Better is straightforward and aligns seamlessly with your existing practice workflow. A simple introduction to your patients and an order placed directly with our company is all it takes. Like any other durable medical equipment, we require a script, a face sheet, and patient demographics to initiate the order.

You may wonder, “What about proving medical necessity?” We’ve got that covered too. We offer a validated self-assessment tool, the Healthcare Proficiency Challenge, to establish medical necessity for the program. This self-assessment is currently in the preliminary stages of approval with Medicare, and it enables patients to articulate their need for active participation in their healthcare, satisfying insurance requirements.

Once we receive the necessary information, we handle the rest, streamlining the process for both providers and patients.


Patient Better is more than a program; it’s a catalyst for change in healthcare. By enhancing patient preparation and reducing discovery time, we create a win-win situation for both providers and patients. Don’t let administrative tasks take over your practice; let’s shift the balance together. Just ask Dr. Smith, who now enjoys more meaningful interactions and increased focus on treatment, all thanks to Patient Better.

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