Patient Better is a standard healthcare proficiency program. And our mission is to equip health consumers with the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in today’s post-pandemic and digitally-based medical landscape.

The Problem

Research shows that at least 80 million Americans unwittingly suffer from healthcare illiteracy. The astounding consequence of this silent epidemic wreaks havoc on our already strained healthcare system and its ripple effect has an even more profound impact on fellow patients, families, and essentially everyone else to receive or deliver care.

Our Solution

Patient Better recognized and solved this massive pain point by developing a critical public healthcare literacy intervention program. Our program truly moves the needle on improving people’s lives by supplying a much-needed life-skill to learn how to become proficient in healthcare. Indeed, by properly executing a health literacy program into our society, we play a significant role in bettering individuals’ ability to manage care. Additionally, through our extensive health literacy examination, we realized that improving patient proficiency not only improves livelihoods but also significantly reduces healthcare costs and advances medical professionals’ ability to deliver care.

Coming December 2022. Our First Patient Education & Healthcare Learning Learning Center Katy, Texas USA.

learning center coming soon