Company Overview

Company Values

Founded in 2015, our company has aspired to be the leader in the personal medical note-taking system business. As an overlooked and perceived as too complicated to accomplish, Patient Better limited the learning curve, made the PMNT System easy to understand and conceptualize.


Mission Statement

To help people bring the right information to doctor’s offices by providing a simple and inexpensive personal medical note-taking system.


Provide a tool that will unite the communication gap between healthcare professionals and patients and put the industry and community all on the same page.


The Creator, Jennifer (Jenny) Woodruff, of Personal Medical Note-Taking

” My goal is to help everyone reduce medical expenses and receive better quality care through Patient Better- A Personal Medical Note Taking System”

Jennifer holds a Master of Healthcare Administration and an extensive career in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Sales. She is passionate to bring quality healthcare to everyone that is willing to dedicate a small amount of effort into learning. By creating a Personal Medical Note Taking System, people can now take better control of their healthcare, reduce medical costs and upgrade care quality.


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