Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Personal Medical Managing System?

A personal medical managing system is what it says it is. This is a form of note-taking that is to be completed by people to communicate their health occurrences with healthcare professionals in a professional manner. PMNT is a universal system created to align with the doctor’s office’s records by detailing the patient's experiences and perspective.

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What are the benefits of Patient Better's medical managing program?

By properly documenting healthcare, you will have an in-depth story of your health or your family’s health for the rest of your lives. The importance of this is that so much health information gets lost from getting overwhelmed or confused at everything that is required to complete a medical record to transferring the information from one genertion to the next. We are just scratching the surface of heredity related health occurrences. With Patient Better, this health record will be obtainable to your family, it will be detailed and supply a better time related detailed occurrences to better understand conditions for time to come.

Is the Patient Better medical managing program right for me?

The learning curve varies. According to professionals, it takes 2.37 hours to read the User Guide cover to cover. Most people don’t do that. Depending on your health and driving factors such as if you are prompted by your specialist to complete PMNT or if you are co-sharing care, or if you are taking a proactive approach to learning about health while you are healthy are all motivators on how quickly you will pick up working PMNT.

How can Patient Better improve my relationship with my healthcare providers?

Just by understanding job descriptions and how to navigate a healthcare phone system would be extremely helpful to improve your relationship with your provider. There is nothing more damaging then placing unrealistic expectations of someone that can’t help you answer your question  in article 1.2

Will the templates always be free?


Can I just work the learning material from the website without buying the User Guide?

Yes, however, reading the User Guide is strongly suggested. We want to make taking personal medical notes easy and the experience as pleasant as possible. Indeed we know that not everyone has the money needed for purchase. If that’s the case; There are many options for you to get Patient Better User Guide. 1. Check with your local Library 2. Please fill out this form 3. Check with your care provider, hospital, VA, school,  or condition association/awareness organization for availability.

Why Patient Better?

Our differentiating point is that internet access is not consistently required. Although we need a website to provide learning material and templates, as well as create awareness about PMNT. Patient Better is not a software company. Thus, providing a truly affordable method other health record tracking systems, Patient Better works with the patient. This is where other companies are limited to one provider. Sure, that provider can hold all your documents, but you are the one in charge to retrieve them. Patient Better provides you with the ability to track and document a  complete limitless health record.. The concept is that if you can visit the provider, you can keep a record of that account. Furthermore, with your record in your possession, you can work this PMNT System and obtain your medical record at any time.