Patient Better’s FAQs

What is Patient Better?

Patient Better is an educational program that teaches everyday people to learn how to manage care. Patient Better is a standard health management program for those who want to better manage care for both in-person and virtual medical office visits.

Why Patient Better?

For many, learning how to manage a chronic illness is a time-consuming and complex process (especially when sick). Yet often it is chronically ill patients themselves who are called on to govern the broad array of livelihood factors (time, money etc.) that surround their health and are expected to oversee everything. The core fabric of our program is the education that one learns to health manage care. Throughout our robust program, we offer are several unique and meaningful concepts, exclusive tools, video tutorials, presentation notes, quizzes, certificates, and continued education that no one on the market can offer.

We implemented an office visit preparation technique that prepares patients to free up the value-based appointment pre-screen and allow the newly available time for the provider and patient to focus on more personalized care matters.

Meaningful Learning: This program teaches everyday people how to manage care through meaningful learning, which is a concept where previously learned information is applied and connected to new information. Because our “students” come from such diverse backgrounds, industrial experience, and learning capabilities, we begin our training at the grassroots of the healthcare industry and focus on building a foundation of health care knowledge that everyone should learn about the industry and then continually take health managing to the next level when comfortable.

Continual Education: We are constantly updating our profile and inputting information into our social media platforms making it extremely easy for anyone to access updates regarding health management.

Is the Patient Better medical managing program right for me?

Patient Better, a standard health management program, is still a relatively new concept to some. However, it has been practiced by most in variety of self-create systems. Whether one will choose to go with a standard health management system as opposed to a condition specific management system is like comparing apples and oranges. For various reasons, and depending on the condition, some choose to have a standard health management program that will capture the life-long picture and provide others with an precise and complete uniformed record to all involved in care. Consider Patient Better’s standard health management program as an umbrella that is utilized in various situations and is passed along to other family members to better manage care when/if there ever comes the time. Whereas a condition-specific management tool is geared toward the immediate condition, to the specific physician’s treatment and data capture and helps patients pull through the day-to-day health needs of a complex diagnosis. Once the case study’s outcome is documented, the program becomes null.

What are the benefits of Patient Better’s health management program?

First, let’s address our healthcare climate:

People used to rely on each provider to hold their medical history and were comfortable with each office having incomplete and inconsistent medical histories. But nowadays both professionals and people lead busier and more complex lives. Furthermore, long-distance traveling, whether it be for work, pleasure, or lifestyle has limited those with health issues. It is not uncommon for physicians and other healthcare providers to further their careers, relocate their practice, or go on long-term research projects. Indeed, patients are now traveling extensively to-and-fro to every nook and cranny of the earth’s surface throughout their lives has become a commonality. Today’s world is not the same as yesteryear’s, even though practices are able to hold your medical record (electronically) throughout time, the issue lies in your accessibility and ability to share the practitioner’s incomplete and inconsistent medical record with others on demand is not realistic and not as advantageous as one may believe.

Some benefits include:

  • Lifted travel restrictions

  • Safeguarded from data loss (in disaster or emergency situations)

  • Uniform medical history with all clinicians

  • Ability to make informed medical decisions more quickly

  • Ability to track occurrences throughout the entire life span

  • Better health measurements and outcomes

How can Patient Better improve my relationship with my provider(s)?

Yes, the first contributor for improving the provider-patient relationship was our implementation of  Meaningful Learning as we are able to guide everyday people to become proficient in health managing. But the end goal of the Patient Better program is to update the provider-patient relationship into an equal partnership in care, or what the professionals refer to as an EPIC exchange of information.

In order to do this, we had to take today’s healthcare climate into consideration as the industry is now looking to patients and their families to take a more active role in managing their care.

So, with meticulous care, the Patient Better team considered the most appropriate health management instrument that would engage patients while improving the provider-patient relationship. Research shows that the relationship-centered care (RCC) model is the new standard for practices to deliver health information that includes the patient’s family-member/at-home caregiving team. Derived from the patient-centered care model, RCC serves as the framework for conceptualizing health care which recognizes that the nature and quality of the extended patient’s relationships, though education, will also influence the patient’s Outcomes[i].

Remodeling patient-centered care (PCC) standard of education delivery method into the relationship-centered care model of training[ii] improves the patient’s adaptation of concepts, ability to understand medical conditions, diagnosis, diseases, or disabilities, improves understanding of processes to manage multiple aspects of medical conditions, as well as improve decision making (to act both independently from medical providers and in interdependence with them).

Essentially, Patient Better cultivates additional resources for the patient by enhancing the at-home caregiver’s ability to advocate one’s care.

With that being said, we have designed our online academy so that everyone on the caregiving team to have access to our unique and meaningful concepts, exclusive tools, video tutorials, presentation notes, quizzes, certificates, and continued education, social platforms, and more.

Extending the PCC model into the RCC model, implementing Meaningful Learning, and offering extended health management services to all involved in the patient’s wellbeing are the principle contributors that transform the traditional provider-patient relationship into an EPIC partnership. Thus, providing a new and improved way for the patient and the provider to interact.

[i] Soklaridis, Sophie PhD; Ravitz, Paula MD FRCPC; Adler Nevo, Gili MD FRCPC; and Lieff, Susan MD PRCPC (2016) “Relationship-centred care in health: A 20-year scoping review,” Patient Experience Journal: Vol. 3 : Iss. 1 , Article 16. Available at:

[ii] Beach MC, Inui T; Relationship-Centered Care Research Network. Relationship-centered care. A constructive reframing. J Gen Intern Med. 2006;21 Suppl 1(Suppl 1):S3–S8. doi:10.1111/j.1525-1497.2006.00302.


Can I just work the learning material from social media without buying the Patient Better Health Management Program?

Yes, we offer continuing education through several social media platforms as well as a complimentary Patient Better portal to help you keep current with health managing skills. However, we highly recommend, if possible, it is ideal to educate and build a solid foundation of health management skills to 1) better safeguard yourself from unforeseen oversights and 2) participate and learn from the videos more efficiently and effectively. If you need more information please contact us, Patient Better is here to help our underserved community in need of health management skills. Click here for details.