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The Patient Better Advantage

Patient Better is a pioneering educational program designed to elevate patient care by actively involving patients and their families in the healthcare process. By empowering patients to become effective collaborators, Patient Better alleviates the administrative and educational burdens commonly faced by healthcare providers. Our home-based educational model requires minimal time investment from medical professionals, enabling clinicians to focus more on delivering quality care. Patient Better serves as an indispensable tool for healthcare providers, enhancing treatment effectiveness through improved patient collaboration, communication, and care coordination.

An elderly couple in a medical office with a healthcare professional, showcasing the concept of 'Trust in Healthcare'.
Patient and phycisian working on Patient-Provider Communication with Patient Better's Health advocacy program.
An elderly couple happily high-fiving each other over a set of medical documents, indicating a supportive moment in managing health care.

Our Solution

At Patient Better, we are the solution to the healthcare illiteracy problem. With just 23 micro-courses, we transform patient care into an empowering experience. Here’s how:

  1. Active Participation: Our courses enable patients to actively participate in their treatment, reducing complications, emergency room visits, and unforeseen costs.

  2. Proper Utilization: Patients gain an understanding of proper medical utilization, reducing unnecessary appointments and maximizing healthcare services and resources.

  3. Risk Management: We equip patients with risk management skills, helping them make informed healthcare decisions and plan for proper treatment.

  4. Efficient Record Management: Patients learn to efficiently manage care records, becoming effective liaisons in transferring information between healthcare providers.

At Patient Better, we simplify the solution to healthcare illiteracy, turning patients into informed health advocates for their own care

How to measure your patient's literacy level.

The Health Proficiency Challenge is a vital assessment tool designed to help you gauge the health literacy levels of your patients. This brief and user-friendly assessment seamlessly integrates into patient intake forms, ensuring that from the very first interaction after diagnosis, healthcare providers gain valuable insights into their patients' health literacy. By including this assessment, you can tailor your communication, educational materials, and care plans to meet each patient's unique needs. This proactive approach enhances patient understanding, engagement, and overall care quality, ultimately leading to better health outcomes.

FAQs: Get to know Patient Better

Health advocacy is the active support and navigation of healthcare services to make informed decisions. It encompasses understanding healthcare terms, managing medications, and effectively communicating with healthcare providers.

Health literacy empowers you to understand the medical landscape, make informed decisions, and avoid unnecessary costs or medical errors. It’s key to becoming an active participant in your healthcare journey.

Patient Better offers a comprehensive program and proprietary tools to simplify home healthcare management. We guide you through understanding medical terminologies, tracking treatments, and efficiently liaising with healthcare providers.

The results

Unlocking Knowledge: A Side Effect-Free Journey to Learning

Consumer comparison before and after patient better health advocacy education.


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3 Easy Steps to Order

We offer you a hands-off approach in educating your patients, enabling your patients to learn how to participate at home and in between office visits, so you can concentrate on more critical matters during the appointment, such as patient care.

Step One

Have your patient fill out the Healthcare Proficiency Challenge.

Step Two

Place order with us.

Step Three

Have a more active participant for the next office visit.

Ready to Take Control of Your Healthcare Journey?

Don’t wait any longer. Join Patient Better today and start your journey toward empowered healthcare decision-making. Experience the benefits of health literacy and advocacy firsthand. Take the first step now!”

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