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In this health management tutorial, I discuss the difference between medical jargon and medical terminology and why it is important for health advocates to learn. Medical jargon is commonly used terms and words that are spoken inside every health care practice that have multiple meanings and a broad description. Words that fall under medical jargon can vary from office to office. Clinicians try not to use medical jargon because these are words that are often unfamiliar to patients.

Whereas medical terminology is our words and terms that have a universal description and are used to precisely describe the human body. Medical terminology includes components, processes. and conditions affecting it as well as the procedures that are performed. However, the same clinicians that avoid using medical jargon often want to put medical terminology into the mix of their conversation is that way there is a concrete way for everyday people to go on the Internet and look for the meaning of an unknown word has a concrete definition.

It is important for everyday people to understand medical terminology for three concrete reasons: Number one, it enables a path for more seamless communication. Secondly, it serves as a universal language when communicating conditions and ailments. And number three, it enables health care workers to end everyday people to provide and receive directions in treatment. Just like a two-way street, we discussed as we need to transform the traditional provider-patient relationship into an equal partnership and care.

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