The Research Index Cards are created to show your provider that you are invested and interested in your healthcare. Document your research and bring your findings back to your provider to authenticate your discovery and ensure that you will get a professionally researched answer to your query. In-depth tutorial found in Section 3 Article 7 Titled: “Research Smart”.


These cards are there for your disposal and for you to capture all of your medical curiosities. Today’s healthcare professional understands that their patients often conduct research on the web before an office visit. Today’s clinician expects their patients to be more forthcoming and involved in their care as well as feel more comfortable to openly discuss findings. These cards are designed for you to use to organize your interests and discoveries in a uniform presentation.


  • Look for current, unbiased information.

  • Preform a check in websites in the “About Us” page.

  • Use cards to document any communication channel. Books, magazines and newspapers include the page number and location if necessary.

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