The SOAP Note is a medical note to be filled out by health advocates that is inspired from the health professional’s SOAP Note. This worksheet is the core centerpiece of the Patient Better program. Used for recording all concerns and occurrences in-between office visits. Use this worksheet to capture pertinent information regarding specific issues and incidences. Provide this form to applicable providers in the most widely used format of note taking by professionals. Fill out a SOAP Note for each provider visit. This in-depth tutorial for creation is found in Section 5 Article 1 Titled: “Writing, Organizing, and Keeping Notes and Records”.


The purpose of The SOAP Note is to better the productivity in your office visit. The goal of this strategic worksheet is to document your concerns to reduce additional visits and unnecessary phone calls.


  • To better prepare and be more productive in the treatment room.

  • Use in combination with the Treatment Plan Calculator to enhance your strategic treatment planning skills.

  • Use as an outline and overview of occurrences.

  • Create a SOAP Note for each provider, (i.e. Woman’s wellness, post-surgical checkups) and create a follow-up SOAP Note as a continuum for each appointment.

Click Here to Download the S.O.A.P. NOTE