What is Patient Better's Health Calendar?

Patient Better created a health calendar so that health advocates have a reliable resource to chronologically document care. Utilize Patient Better’s Health Calendar to stay prioritized, stay on task, keep better time-management, and increase productivity. Use this template to maintain collaborative independence for any health occurrence. The Health Calendar aids in schedule coordination for all contributors. This is a month-long time-management overview outlines and forecasts tasks and events that can align the most complex schedules.

The Health Calendar is the at-home care team’s scheduling tool to collaborate with other caregivers and provide a benchmark of long and short-term goals. The Clearinghouse is responsible for collaborating and distributing copies to contributors as well as efficiently oversee and collaborate schedules.

The Purpose of the Health Calendar

Not all calendars are designed for healthcare. The Patient Better Calendar’s purpose is to help maintain a chronological road map of the health occurrence. The Calendar unites the entire healthcare team and is available to re-create as many times as you need.

Please note that if you notice a discrepancy in your master calendar, no worries, this health calendar is designed for you to download and revise as many times as you need to meet the other’s new schedule demands.

How to Utilize the Health Calendar

  • Designate one person (clearinghouse or primary caregiver) to maintain and communicate schedule updates to other contributors.

  • Create one “master” calendar monthly and then copy and distribute as needed (can be completed in-person or virtually via email)

  • Revise as needed.

  • Assign one day (monthly, bimonthly, or weekly) for schedule collection and calendar disbursement depending on size of at-home care team and/or reduce scheduling conflicts and short-term forecast commitment issues.