This lesson explains how health communication enhances your quality of care, betters your experience, and influences your ability to make individualized health choices

1.3 Healthcare Communication

Healthcare communication is a lifeline through words to empower patients, to enhance the quality of service, and ensure an above standard experience in care.

Definition of Healthcare Communication:

Is the focus on the dissemination and the transmission of information exchange between the patient and clinician to influence personal health choices and the improvement of health literacy.

Notable Video Slide:

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Key Takeaways:

  • Interference: Everyday life, technology, and money
  • Positive Upgrades: Appointment preparation, utilize Patient Better, contribute your work

Ailment Identification

Lidia documents her health concerns in the formula.

  1. Primary Mention – When did the health issue start?
  2. Location – Where is the health issue located?
  3. Duration – How long has the health issue been going on?
  4. Severity – How bothersome or disruptive is the health issue?
  5. Secondary Mention – Why did the health issue start?
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