Healthcare Communication

This lesson explains how health communication enhances your quality of care, betters your experience, and influences your ability to make individualized health choices

1.3 Healthcare Communication

Healthcare communication is a lifeline through words to empower patients, to enhance the quality of service, and ensure an above standard experience in care.

Definition of Healthcare Communication:

Is the focus on the dissemination and the transmission of information exchange between the patient and clinician to influence personal health choices and the improvement of health literacy.

Notable Video Slide:

Key Takeaways:

  • Interference: Everyday life, technology, and money
  • Positive Upgrades: Appointment preparation, utilize Patient Better, contribute your work

Ailment Identification

Lidia documents her health concerns in the formula.

  1. Primary Mention – When did the health issue start?
  2. Location – Where is the health issue located?
  3. Duration – How long has the health issue been going on?
  4. Severity – How bothersome or disruptive is the health issue?
  5. Secondary Mention – Why did the health issue start?

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