Notes from the video and the Patient Better book: A Comprehensive Guide to Self-Health Management


1.1 The Healthcare Essentials

An introduction to the healthcare clinic and the three essential branches in healthcare including services, products, and finances.

Definition of Healthcare:

Healthcare is the improvement or maintenance of health via the prevention, treatment, diagnosis, illness, injury, and other physical and mental impairments.

Notable Slide:

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Key Takeaways:

Services: Are the services are the medical actions from a doctor, nurse, or any other health professional with a state medical license. Services are provided for the purpose of preventing, curing, alleviating, and healing wounds, diseases, and/or physical disabilities.

Products: Are the products that pertain to any physical tool used in conjunct with services that act as an aid to healthcare providers to deliver treatment. Healthcare products include medication; surgical instruments; durable medical equipment; medical accessories, such as gloves, stethoscopes, smocks, beds, sheets, and pillows; and machines, such as a sterilizers or x-ray units.

Finances: Are the forms of funding that people, medical offices, and third-party payers (i.e. insurance companies, worker’s compensation, or attorneys) pay for medical expenses.

Lidia takes a trip to the to the doctor’s office

There are many support staff members to help the clinicians deliver services. During Lucy’s appointment she is expecting to primarily encounter the people that will help her with her immediate medical needs.

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