How Patient Better becomes an extension of your practice…

Patient Better is a self-managing program created for patients (and their families) to learn how to manage their required at-home medical care. We work alongside your directed regimen and teach people the administrative duties that co-exist with today’s sophisticated at-home condition management demands.

Until recently, a self-managing program was overlooked until the implementation of electronic health records. Now, healthcare professionals fully understand the advantages of having a self-managing program in conjunction with their in-house record-keeping system. Mutually beneficial for both providers and patients in so many aspects to (1) safeguard patients from diverting away from the treatment plan. (2) prepare patients for office visits and ensure an activity-driven encounter every time. (3) help patients and their families to document a more thorough at-home measurement of outcomes throughout treatment.

Since the implementation of electronic health records, there is no doubt that patient education was split into two. 1. Condition management 2. Administrative care that co-exists with condition management. Patient Better teaches laypersons what is expected of them to be a responsible patient.

We can facilitate any health care entity with the proper documentation. From the smallest private practice to the large hospital corporations. Our products are coded under patient education for self-management and fit well into other programs such as CCM and outcome submission with an at-home compliance tracking mechanism.

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