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Traditionally, patient education has been delivered through a patient-centered ideology, meaning that healthcare educators applied instruction that is respectful of, and responsive to, individual patient preferences, needs, and values, and ensure that the patient’s values guide all clinical decisions.  Even though the patient-centered education delivery methods were relevant in the beginning stages of the Meaningful Use era. Now, an update of a more corresponding synergy within the provider-patient relationship transformed from a parent-child to a more reciprocating interaction of a mutual partnership, or, relationship-centered care model.  That is the core differentiator of Patient Better’s delivery model from the customary methods of the practice’s approach to executing instructions and recognized what caregivers can bring to the table in regards to recording their loved one’s daily health. Our curriculum takes the four principal contributors of the relationship-centered care framework and applies the necessary training tools necessary for patients to conceptualize health care, recognize that the nature and the quality of relationships are central to health care, and grasp the broader health care delivery system that is more applicable for today’s learning.


Patient Better is a standardized form of personal medical managing and record-keeping used by providers to evaluate health occurrences from the patient perspective.

We can facilitate any health care entity with the proper documentation. From the smallest private practice to the large hospital corporations.

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