The Contributor Cover Page Lesson

Your tool to collaborate, organize, and coordinate your entire at-home care team.

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In health management, the Contributor Cover Page is your tool to organize, unify, and qualify your at-home care team. This template helps at-home care teams band together and establish care delivery expectations and communicate the hierarchy of caregiving responsibilities to everyone involved in the patient’s care.. This worksheet categorizes the participants on the patient’s at-home care team into two groups 1) the primary caregivers and 2) the secondary caregivers) so that you are able to record the relationship to the patient on an easy to read document.

The Purpose of the Contributor Cover Page

The purpose of this worksheet is to help families establish at-home family care teams more quickly and easily. The Patient Better Contributor Cover Page is the first qualifier to designate participants and alleviates the confusion of organizing caregiving teams under stress.

The Benefits of Using the Contributor Cover Page

When you are working through Patient Better’s health management program, this template is extremely useful when you are looking to maximize your care team’s productivity, share decision-making duties, and communicate a hierarchy in responsibilities. 

Tips for Using the Contributor Cover Page

  • The clearinghouse is responsible for overseeing and updating the Contributor Cover Page.

  • Utilize the Contributor Cover Page to “unearth” additional contributors that are not regular participants (i.e., If there is a scheduling conflict or in need of back-up support).

  • Be sure to include the date on each Contributor Cover Page and revised as often as needed.

Contributor Page Examples

Whether you have home care representatives, home health providers, or hold the primary responsibility with a professional care team, a family with limited home care professional support. The Contributor Cover Page will be your tool to create and revise at any time.

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