This lesson explains some of the customary roles and job duties in the medical practice

1.2 Those Who Make Up the Healthcare Clinic

Developing an eye to better understand the structure of the medical office, recognize the people who you will encounter, and get acquainted with the job titles as they explain the person’s role, duties and capabilities in the clinic.

Defining what is a healthcare practice:

A medical practice is a place that focuses on the care of outpatients. Medical practices can be privately operated or publicly managed while the focal point concentrates on the treatment of acute and chronic illnesses and provide preventative care and health education to people in need.

Healthcare practices typically fall under two principle sectors:

1. Private: Smaller in size, local, physician owned, operations are completed in office, more flexibility in financing

2. Public: Belongs to a network of regional medical service of employed or contracted healthcare service providers, usually corporate headquarters is off-site, limited flexibility in scheduling and other standard office protocols.

Notable Video Slide:

1.2 Those Who Make Up the Healthcare Clinic

Key Takeaways:

Generally, there are usually 2 departments in a medical office

1. The clinical staff usually works in the area located in the back of the office and is referred to as the treatment or clinical area. These individuals usually wear scrubs and can answer specific health and physiology questions that pertain to you, your treatment plan, and any compliance issues that relate to your care.

2. Non-clinical staff, a.k.a. administrative staff members, are typically your first and last point of contact. These workers may wear scrubs or office attire. They are there to answer questions about billing, office hours, scheduling concerns, standard office protocols, and general information about parking.

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